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Sunday Morning Worship

Our Bible Fellowship Hour class meets at 9:40am in room 203. It is a co-ed class led by Pastor Silverio and Brother Francisco. At 11:00am we meet in The Well (room 207) for worship. In this worship service we have the privilege of praising and worshiping Jesus Christ through music, reading of the sacred scriptures, and preaching so that we might be edified by his Holy Spirit.
On occasion we host a special Baptism service in the main sanctuary on Sunday evenings. Often those services are joined English and Spanish services, where we can come together to celebrate what the Lord has done through the profession of faith. Check out our Statement of Beliefs below. If you are ready to make a profession of faith through baptism, please contact Pastor Silverio Hernandez.


Wednesday Men’s Bible Study

We have a Men’s Bible Study group that meets in room 209 at 7:15pm every Wednesday. Join us as we look at the Word together with our brothers in Christ.

Friday Fellowship Group

Friday evenings are a special meeting with our fellowship group. Every Friday our meetings look different. Sometimes we go pray for people, or go out to evangelize, and on occasions we celebrate services in homes. It is a wonderful time as we share life together as brothers and sisters in Christ. Friday meetings vary on where we meet, but we welcome men, women and children, really everyone to join us. For these activities, the meeting place and time are planned each week.

For more information about Spanish Ministries, contact Pastor Silverio Hernandez at